By giving renters what they want.  

Today’s renters want to do everything on their own terms, and they don’t like being sold to.  

Renters want two things from property operators. 

1 – Renters expected to be accommodated. They want to tour apartments when they want. Not during the limited dates and times that are made available by properties. Allowing valuable prospects to tour safely when it’s convenient for them is a WIN WIN.  

29% of Tour24 tours happen when leasing offices are closed. 

2 – Renters want to be unaccompanied during a tour. They don’t want to be supervised or controlled. They want to experience a property at their own pace, lingering where preferred, envisioning their lives at the community along the way. They do the best job of selling themselves in the process.  

“Tour24 gave us the opportunity to really take a good look at the apartment, take measurements, and carefully look at the floor space without feeling rushed by having an agent with us.” 

66% Prefer Touring on their Own 

Tour24 was designed to give renters exactly what they want: the ability to tour how and when they prefer – alone and when convenient – with the most valuable information needed in an easy-to-use app, guiding the sales process and motivating a natural leasing decision. 

31% of Tour24 prospects commit to leasing immediately post tour. 

More and more renters are choosing to tour properties with Tour24 before considering properties without it. How many leads are YOU losing without Tour24?

Lease More with Tour24TM.