Risk Managers

Protect Residents,
Visitors, and Property.

Risk Managers

We remove the risk of security and liability while improving the tour process.

Track who comes and goes, controlling visitor entry with smart lock integration. Control access to facilities and monitor tour visits with no impact on flexible schedules.

Control Visits, Guarantee Safety.

  • Keep your community safe during prospects’ visits through Tour24 ID verification.
  • Control tour schedules and smart lock integration.
  • Allow visitors to use their phone to access properties at specific times.
  • Maximize time spent at the property by allowing prospects to tour more units during the same visit while using the app.
  • Communicate safety concerns during the pre-recorded self-guided tour information to keep visitors safe.

Information is Power.

  • Know who comes and goes on your property, and keep track of visitors.
  • Guide prospects safely around hazards and move-ins to avoid liability.
  • Create modern security practices leveraging real-time data.
  • Innovate new ways to minimize risk and oversee smart spaces.