Today, Tour24, the leading on-demand platform for self-guided apartment tours, is announcing a strategic integration with Latch, an established building operating system provider, to deliver seamless and secure access to self-guided tours. By integrating directly with LatchOS, Tour24 is empowering properties and prospects with the ability to tour properties on their own time and at their own pace while alleviating the operational burden for leasing staff and property managers. 

“During this transformative time in the multifamily industry, property managers are looking for ways to deliver new experiences that better support prospects, while also streamlining outdated processes,” said Georgianna W. Oliver, founder and CEO of Tour24. “Our integration with Latch delivers next-generation technology that can be easily deployed and safely used to help properties more quickly fill vacancies and NOI.” 

With the Latch-Tour24 system, prospective residents sign up for the self-guided tour via the Tour24 mobile app, and are sent a single doorcode for every Internet-connected door and a daily doorcode for non-Internet connected doors. This doorcode then grants them access to every door they need once they arrive at the building for their showing, allowing them to move throughout the building and see any relevant spaces, like apartments, amenities, and common areas. The doorcode can be set for a specific window of time by the building, so once that time is expired, the prospect can no longer unlock any doors for added security.

“By automating self-guided leasing tours, our integration with Tour24 is modernizing the leasing process, while helping buildings reduce overhead and eliminate headaches, resulting in a better experience for everyone,” said Luke Schoenfelder, co-founder and CEO of Latch. “Tour24 delivers a premium self-guided experience and we’re excited to join forces to make this process even simpler for properties.”

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About Latch 
Latch is reimagining the modern buildings of today and driving evolution for the cities of tomorrow. Latch delivers a full building operating system designed to help owners, residents and third parties (e.g. guests, couriers, service providers) seamlessly experience the modern building through integrated software, products, and services. More than 1 in 10 new apartments in the U.S. are being built with Latch products, with multifamily buildings in 36 states featuring Latch solutions and supporting more than two million unlocks per month. To learn more visit

About Tour24 
Tour24 is the leading on-demand platform for self-guided apartment tours. Tour24’s transformative technology integrates with smart home technology providers to deliver safe, self-guided property tours and serve as an extension of leasing teams to support lead generation. With Tour24, prospective residents can tour apartments on their own schedule, reducing the time it takes to find a new home and driving more leases for properties. Follow us on Twitter @Tour24now.