Boston-based Tour24, the on-demand platform that automates the process for apartment tours, has reported an 11% increase in tours conducted over March and a 21% increase over February.

Tour24 is working with more than 100 properties and with thousands of tours conducted. Data shows the platform drives a 33% lease-to-close ratio, with some properties reporting as high as a 60% close ratio during the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is acting as a catalyst to propel self-serve solutions from more than just a generational request to a broader safety issue for everyone,” said John Doyle, co-founder of Tour24.

“Smart tech provides a contactless experience which assists properties in adhering to state and local health guidelines. When the burden of when and how to see an apartment is lifted, residents and property managers can have a more seamless experience that focuses on getting units rented and making the entire process more convenient and safe.”