Tour 24’s platform allows prospective renters to tour properties at their convenience, while property managers are provided with activity reports and real-time feedback. Read Article…Tour24, an on-demand platform that automates the process for apartment tours, has introduced Smart Apartment Tours, a self-guided app that simplifies the process of property tours and leasing for both prospective renters and multifamily property managers. The platform is currently installed at properties in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Renters download the app, schedule a self-guided tour based on their availability and visit the property at their convenience. Thus, the leasing agents can extend their office hours and offer more convenient appointment times. Prior to and during the tours, property managers are provided with activity reports, real-time feedback from prospective renters on amenities and data on time spent at each location of the tour. The platform is customizable and integrates with other technologies.

“Consumers want to visit a community at their convenience and on their schedule. Using a combination of cutting-edge smart home technology, we created Tour24 to bring an application to market that’s easy to use and simplifies and formalizes the touring experience, letting the prospect have control over the process. Meanwhile, the app equips agents to host more tours, gather pertinent information from prospective renters and, most importantly, lease units quicker,” Georgianna Oliver, founder & CEO of Tour24, said in prepared remarks.