Key Takeaways:

  • Self-guided tours are the leasing innovation shaping the future of property visits, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility. Seamlessly integrated with ButterflyMX, these tours redefine the prospects’ journey and set a new standard in the realm of multifamily leasing.
  • Self-guided tours represent the pinnacle of leasing advancements, catering to the modern individual’s demand for self-service and convenience.
  • Partnering with Tour24, prospects can now explore properties at their own pace, addressing their urgency for immediate access and creating a personalized, engaging experience that forges an emotional bond with the community.

Offering property tours is critical for multifamily operators. But conventional property tours can pose scheduling issues and virtual tours lack the tactile engagement and immersive experience of on-site visits. This is where self-guided smart tours can be the perfect solution for property management companies. 

Self-guided smart tours combine convenience, flexibility, and efficiency. And when you integrate Tour24’s innovative mobile technology with ButterflyMX’s access control hardware, prospects can schedule visits independently, eliminating the need for leasing professionals to be present.

In this post, we dive into what self-guided tours are. Then, we give you an overview of Tour24 self-guided touring technology. Finally, we cover the benefits of integrating Tour24 and ButterflyMX. 

This post covers: 

  • What is self-guided touring?
  • The benefits of self-guided touring with Tour24 and ButterflyMX
  • Self-guided touring FAQs

What is self-guided touring?

Self-guided touring is a new approach to property tours that lets visitors enter and explore available living spaces at their convenience and without a leasing agent present. Even better, when using an intuitive online platform like Tour24 self-guided touring technology, prospects enjoy easy access to properties and a customized, pre-recorded audio-visual experience that responds to the camera on their mobile device. 

What is Tour24 self-guided touring technology?

Tour24 is a multi-award-winning platform that lets residents experience self-guided tours of multifamily units. Applicants can visit available units in person on their own schedule, freeing up staff to handle other important tasks.

Is your office closed or your leasing team unavailable? Do your prospects prefer to tour on weekend dates? Tour24 solves all these problems with custom tours delivering high-quality coverage at all hours, optimizing any property’s leasing process.

The benefits of self-guided touring with Tour24 and ButterflyMX

When integrated, ButterflyMX and Tour24 offer a reliable solution to manage self-guided touring and access control technologies. The integration empowers property management teams to implement access control and appointment scheduling while facilitating safe and flexible self-guided tours within a single platform. 

With Tour24, prospects can easily schedule a self-guided tour while ButterflyMX ensures secure entry for authorized prospects by granting a virtual key that is time- and date-restricted. This means that prospects can conveniently view properties without depending on a leasing agent to grant them entry.

It’s not difficult to understand why this approach is a win-win for everyone. From a customer perspective, it offers freedom, flexibility, and self-service for prospects to tour properties at their convenience, enhancing the lead-to-lease process and catering to today’s on-demand lifestyle where people expect instant results and aren’t willing to wait days (or even hours) to schedule a property visit.

It also empowers leasing teams to engage with visitors on their terms while focusing on enhancing the visitor experience and attracting more prospects. Instead of having to spend hours playing phone tag and trying to arrange visits at mutually convenient times, they can focus on revenue-generating work that will improve their bottom line.

Benefits of integrating Tour24 and ButterflyMX: 

  • Self-service-oriented
  • More freedom for teams
  • Quick and convenient
  • Experiential but flexible
  • Convenient access, seamless integration


Prospects can tour whenever they like, including outside business hours or workdays. With ButterflyMX virtual keys, they can access properties securely, instantly, and easily while still keeping staff in the loop. 

Further, integration with a premium self-guided touring app like Tour24 means visitors can also see any number of available units and even apply for a lease on the spot. This emphasis on self-service is perfect for today’s busy prospects. 

More freedom for teams

Property staff efficiency also improves with Tour24. Leasing teams especially stand to benefit from self-guided tours as they no longer need to work extra or odd hours to ensure all units are occupied. 

Teams can interact with visitors on their own time and use the self-guided touring platform to keep tabs on anyone on-site. They can dedicate their time to improving the visitor experience overall, seeing to the needs of other residents, and focusing on outreach to bring more prospects to the property. 

Quick and convenient

The urgency of finding a home is acute — Tour24 self-guided tours eliminate a long wait for an appointment. Prospects set their desired date and time and get all the benefits of a guided tour whenever they like. 

Using ButterflyMX to access the property, the prospect provides important data gathered through both ButterflyMX and Tour24 that help property owners develop ideal best practices and make visits even more appealing to people looking for a home. 

Unique but flexible

Self-guided tours offer a curated experience, allowing property teams to build descriptions of every feature in a property or unit. When they reach a specific area, the self-guided touring app provides curated information on what they see. 

Prospects can either enjoy a directed, guided path through the property or make their own way, highlighting features as they choose. This versatility makes self-guided touring with Tour24 the ideal choice for any visitor while encouraging leasing teams to leverage their creativity and gift for sales. 

Convenient access, seamless integration

Tour24 has teamed up with ButterflyMX to ensure visitors have convenient and secure access to properties. ButterflyMX provides access control tools that integrate seamlessly with the Tour24 platform to grant visitors a time- and date- restricted virtual key to the properties they visit. ButterflyMX systems are already installed on over 10,000 properties belonging to the most reputable multifamily providers. 

Authorized prospects gain entry to view the desired properties at their convenience without needing a leasing agent to let them in. Once they’re done, their building access is automatically revoked. This integration makes multifamily owners and teams more efficient, boosts any property’s prospect-to-lease conversion rate, and enhances the visitor experience.

Self-guided smart tours FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about self-guided smart tours:

  • How is self-guided different from virtual touring?
  • How easy is it to navigate self-guided tours?

How is self-guided different from virtual touring?

Virtual touring does not allow the prospect to physically enter the property. Instead, the prospect explores a virtual simulation of the property and its units. Virtual touring is convenient if a potential resident cannot travel to the property, but it is much less immersive and intuitive. Self-guided tours allow prospects to visit the property in person without needing any assistance from leasing agents.

How easy is it to navigate self-guided tours?

Self-guided tours use a simple, user-friendly mobile platform to guide visitors on their property tour experience to explore potential living spaces — all while collecting invaluable data for property teams. The prospect can either follow a preset path or explore the property on their own.

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