Case Study: RangeWater – Spectator Atlanta

Case Study: RangeWater – Spectator Atlanta

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

Number of Units: 281 

Property Type: Mid-Rise

Tour24 Launch Date: April 2021

Case Study: Spectator Atlanta Apartments

Spectator Atlanta Apartments is a multifamily residential building located just outside Atlanta near The Battery, a popular entertainment complex that is home to Truist Park and the Atlanta Braves. Featuring 281 one-, two- and three-bedroom premium apartments, the property was developed by Atlanta-based RangeWater and began leasing in April 2021.


Tasked with leasing nearly 300 new apartment units during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spectator Atlanta team needed a way to offer future renters the opportunity to safely view the property without an accompanying leasing agent. Additionally, the leasing team was only on-site Monday through Friday during business hours, limiting the availability of in-person tours. 

While the building was outfitted with smart locks for access control, the Spectator Atlanta team also wanted to provide quality self-guided tours to increase the number of tours. The team needed a way to create a customized experience to highlight the luxury property’s many benefits. To overcome these challenges, Spectator Atlanta turned to Tour24.


Spectator Atlanta served as a test case and proof-of-concept for RangeWater and leasing manager Christina Hayes. With help from Tour24, Hayes and her team scripted and implemented interactive self-guided touring experiences for the property’s one- and two-bedroom options. While Tour24 was initially intended as an option for prospects who preferred to take tours on their own or outside of regular business hours, other prospective residents quickly took to Tour24 as well. “When the leasing team was too inundated to take every single tour that came through, we would also recommend Tour24,” Hayes says. “So it served us well during those busier times.”


Hayes admits to some initial skepticism regarding Tour24. “I had never worked with a program like this, so I was like, ‘okay, it may not work as well as having a guide and telling people about the property and the community and the experience of Spectator, but it’ll be nice to have.’ But it really worked well for people who just wanted to see the property, already knew a bit about the area, didn’t have additional questions, and were ready to just lease.”

“There were many people that viewed the property with Tour24 and actually applied without even contacting our office and got approved,” Hayes adds. This allowed leasing agents to focus their efforts on converting prospects who preferred a higher-touch approach. 

From the start of leasing in April 2021 until occupancy stabilized at 93%-plus by the end of the year, 54% of people who toured Spectator Atlanta made an application to lease. What’s more, 41% of tours were conducted on the weekend and 31% outside of standard business hours — neither of which would have been possible without the self-guided Tour24 option.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Hayes says of Tour24’s role in helping Spectator Atlanta lease up in just seven months. “Prospects just loved the idea of self-guided tours, and especially for those who would have had to wait, the alternative option to tour on their own was very attractive,” she continues. “Very few people came in having any issues with the app or navigating through the community. The app was self-explanatory, and I would estimate at least 95% of people got it with ease.”

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