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MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE – Adapting Amenities: The Must-Have Amenities for Gen Z Renters

June 29, 2020  

By Aly J. Yale | MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE Though the youngest of this cohort are still at home with mom and dad, those on the older end are leaving the nest, graduating college, and out there […]


OREGON BUSINESS – Apartment Owners Adapt to Late Payments, Tech Advances


As residents struggle to pay rent and customers demand virtual tours, leasing agents and smart technology work side by side to make ends meet.  June 29, 2020 | Written by Sander Gusinow Pandemic or not, […]


GLOBEST.COM – COVID-19 Acts as Catalyst to Propel Self-Serve Solutions

June 15, 2020  

As the industry continues to experience an increase in self-guided apartment tours and contactless leasing, Tour24 has developed tips on how to return to the new normal. By Ingrid Tunberg | June 15, 2020 at 07:00 AM BOSTON, […]


CONNECT BOSTON – Tour24 Reports Increase in Automated Apartment Tours in Boston

June 10, 2020  

Boston-based Tour24, the on-demand platform that automates the process for apartment tours, has reported an 11% increase in tours conducted over March and a 21% increase over February. Tour24 is working with more than 100 […]